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A young girl stands near the garden removing husks from the corn that will likely be part of her family’s next meal.

Songbirds 1

Dressed for the winter snow with her earmuffs, scarf and mittens, a young girl makes sure her feathered friends have plenty of food in their feeder.

Spaghetti Cat

Who knew that Italian cats love spaghetti and wine?  This wonderfully whimsical image proves that kitties not only eat pasta but are quite adept at doing so.

An Intimate View

A graceful ocean-loving lady stands, mesmerized, by the stoic lighthouse beyond.

Anthem for Autumn

Grandpa is busy crushing grapes as his granddaughter and grandson assist him with his task.

Quilting Room

A colorful room filled with cats and quilts! Every quilters dream room.

Yellow Chevy

An old Chevy truck adorns the grassy lawn of a well-loved cabin in this painting.

Morning by the Sea

The family pup enjoys the breeze on a warm day outside the coastal cottage.