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The Summons

A wizard conjures up a spell with rainbows and light and magic. Excellent detail.

Watching Over The Bay

A lighthouse keeps watch over a bay filled with sailing ships and its quaint village. Lovely detail.

Autumn at Bartley Town

A quaint, folk-y town goes all out for Autumn with friendly fall decor and autumnal themes.

Friday Night Hoe Down

Lots of fun and dancing to be had in the barn along a country road. Great detail and color.

Fresh Linens

Three sisters of varying ages contribute to the workload as they hang and gather the white, crisp laundry.

The Christmas Party

The prettiest house on the block-decorated to the nines-has invited you to join them for their annual Christmas party!

Red Means Stop

A chance meeting of a duo of dachshunds on a busy street corner results in a colorful work.


A cat sits in eager anticipation, watching a gold fish swimming near by.

Winter City

Like frosting on a cake, a dusting of snow covers the colorful cottages in this village.

The Gift

A beautiful cat entertains a bird in her crown made of holly and berries!