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Auction of Rose's final masterpiece puzzle

The Summons

© Tom Cross, Ansada Licensing-Group, LLC

This 460 piece “Masterpiece” puzzle was designed and crafted by Rose prior to her retirement from Waterford.  The puzzle measures 14.5″ x 19″ and highlights Rose’s exceptional skill in sculpting and designing dropouts that complement Tom Cross’ fanciful painting, “The Summons.”

Bids will be accepted from January 29, 2023 from 12:01 am until 12:00 pm EST, and multiple bids may be submitted by each bidder.

After bidding closes, the highest bidder will be contacted and will have 24 hours to purchase the puzzle for the highest bid amount.  If the highest bidder does not respond timely, the next highest bidder will be contacted, an so on.

If multiple bids are equal and are the highest, the time stamps of the bids will be used to determine the winner with the earliest time stamp taking priority.

Ending On:
January 29, 2023 12:00 pm EST
Minimum Bid:
Time Left to Bid:
The auction has ended and no further bids will be accepted.
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