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Party Game Ideas for Multiple Puzzles

Speed Demon

For 2+ puzzlers

The number of rounds will be determined by the number of puzzles (if more people than puzzles, each round can have a puzzler “sit out” or puzzlers can work in teams). Each person starts with one boxed puzzle.

Each Round
  • When “start” is called, boxes are opened and everyone starts assembling their puzzle
  • First person to finish is awarded 5 points, second is awarded 4 points, third is awarded 3 points and all others are awarded 2 points
At End of Round

Puzzles are disassembled back into their boxes by the puzzlers. Each passes their puzzle to the person to their right, and a new round begins.

End of Game

At the end of all rounds, puzzlers add up their points, and the one with the most points wins. If puzzles will be given as gifts, all puzzlers sign the backs of all the finished puzzles. The winner gets first pick of the puzzles to keep, second place gets second pick and so on.

Shuffle Assembly

For 2+ puzzlers

The number of puzzlers (or teams of puzzlers) should equal the number of puzzles in play.

  • Puzzle boxes are passed out to players
  • Each player opens their box and removes one piece and places it face down in front of them
  • All remaining pieces are placed in one pile at the center of the table (mixing up all the puzzles).
  • Players turn all pieces image side up in the center of the table
  • When “start” is called, each puzzler turns their face down piece to the image side and passes it to the player on their left
  • All players race to find their puzzle’s pieces from the pile and assemble their puzzle around the one piece they were given
End of Game

The first to finish their puzzle wins. If puzzles will be given as gifts, all puzzlers sign the backs of all the finished puzzles. The winner gets first pick of the puzzles to keep, second finisher gets second pick, and so on.

More About Our Cutter's Choice Puzzles

Special Pieces Selected by the Cutter

We generally include 5 special pieces per 100 pieces in a puzzle. The specialty pieces in a Cutter’s Choice puzzle are selected by the cutter and relate to the theme of the image, often integrating cleverly into the artwork.

Shipping and Delivery

Because Cutter’s Choice puzzles are already crafted, they are shipped out within 2 business days after purchase.

Waterford Luxury Quality

Whether it’s a Cutter’s Choice puzzle or a personalized, commissioned puzzle, every piece that leaves our shop has been cut, finished, and inspected by hand, maintaining the same level of quality and attention to detail you’ve come to know and expect from our talented team of artisans.