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Puzzle Rental Club

annual membership

$ 300 Annually
  • Free Shipping
  • $100 Rental Coupon*
  • 15% off Standard Rental Fees
  • Purchase Discounted Rental Credits

Membership benefits

Free Shipping: You choose your preferred shipping, either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail for packages shipped within the US. We make returns easy by including a prepaid return shipping label in each package $100 Coupon*: Up to $100 off an initial rental fee or off the purchase of a puzzle. Awarded upon sign up and upon each annual renewal Reduced Rental Rates: Annual members receive 15% off standard rental rates Purchase Discounted Rental Credits: At any time during the year get $1,150 credit for $1,000, $2,400 credit for $2,000, or $3,750 credit for $3,000 Choose Your Rental Period: Choose either 4 weeks or 6 weeks for each puzzle’s initial rental period Weekly Rental Period Extensions: If you want to keep a puzzle beyond its initial rental period, automatic weekly extension charges will apply until the puzzle is returned Unlimited Puzzle Rentals: Rent as many puzzles as you would like at one time Purchase Rental Puzzles at Any Time:  In addition to renting puzzles from the Rental Club Library, members have year-round access to purchase them for their “retired puzzle” prices Piece Replacement Forgiveness: Annual Members will not be charged for minor puzzle damage or for replacement of a pet-chewed, or vacuum damaged or lost puzzle piece

rental rates

4 weeks
Rental Rates
6 weeks
Rental Rates
Piece CountStandard Rate
Annual Member
Standard Rate
Annual Member
Standard Rate
Annual Member
300-499 Pieces$80$68$120$102$20$17
500-699 Pieces$120$102$180$153$30$26
700-899 Pieces$160$136$240$204$40$34
900+ Pieces$200$170$300$255$50$43