Club Members now enjoy 15% off their entire order!

Over the past few years, we have experimented with the types of benefits we offer Club Members. Our intent has always been to make Elms Puzzles as accessible as possible while being sustainable for our business and artisans. While the club began as a rental club, we have always wanted to offer benefits that appeal to both renters and collectors. 

With that in mind, we have replaced Member Credits with a flat 15% discount on all ordersJust use the code CLUBMEMBER at checkout. Members will now enjoy 15% off their entire order, regardless of whether they're renting or purchasing a puzzle.  

Not only that, but this discount will stack with other promotions in most cases. For example, if we are running a 10% discount on custom puzzles, members can add their member discount on top of the promotion to receive a total of 25% off. We decided this was ultimately simpler and easier than Member Credits.

Non-members are now eligible to rent our smaller puzzles. 600+ piece puzzles will still only be available to Club Members, but non-members can now rent 300-599 piece puzzles. 

We hope these changes make it easier for everyone to experience the joy and craftsmanship of an Elms Puzzle. And, when considering the $100 in annual store credit, we think becoming a member is a really good deal!

Happy puzzling, 

Chris & Shay


The Elms Puzzle Badge. Handcut in America. Rooted in Maine. Since 1987.