How to return an Elms Rental Puzzle

Following the return instructions keeps the puzzle safe and makes it easier for our team to prepare the puzzle for the next renter. Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Return Instructions

When you have completed your rental puzzle and are ready to return it, please follow these instructions:

  1. Using the "Rooted in Maine" board, break the puzzle up into large sections. A few loose pieces is fine.
  2. Layer each section with the waxed paper separator sheets (the ones with all the cute drawings on them).
  3. When finished layering the puzzle sections, place the board on top and fill an empty space with crunched separator sheets, newspaper, or other packing material.
  4. Place the puzzle back in the shipping box and return the box using the included shipping label. If you lost your shipping label, just reach out and we can send you a new one.
Thanks for following these instructions. They go a long way in protecting these beautiful puzzles and making things easier for our team. If you think you might rent more than a few puzzles each year or want to try one of our largest puzzles, please consider joining The Elms Club.